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About UNI Logistics Inc.

UNI Logistics Inc. a fully owned subsidiary of Globelink China Logistics Corp., UNI Logistics Inc. sets up more than 20 branch offices in China, with framework covering railway, highway network station, international airport and major coastal ports all over China, and thus forms a comprehensive Shanghai-centered sea-air-land transportation service network basing on Dalian, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong etc.

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Air Block Space Agreement

With 20 years international air experience, we act as key sales agents for CZ/RU/AA/TK/EK/6R/CM/TP/OK etc.

International Ocean

Relying on years of partnership with various major shipping lines, UNI is able to provide competitive rates to our clients as well as better space control during peak season.

Air Chartering

UNI's charter services are ideal for overcoming capacity shortfalls, or shipping to remote destinations.

Multi-Modal Transportation

With 15 years’ experience and the comprehensive agents’ network in Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia, Europe, UNI is offering the multi-modal transportation service from China or via China to these countries.

Supply Chain Logistics

UNI develop to the supply chain service provider by combining the business flow, logistics flow, capital flow and information flow, and gradually improving the group’s information, intensive, integration and intelligence. 

Import Service

With the continuous growth of the quantity and value of imports in China, we provide fully-integrated Door to Door service for customers through integrating overseas network resources, trade agency qualifications, bonded warehousing and domestic logistics distribution.

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这有可能是国际货运代理业最有分量的名单之一! 因为能入选这份由商务部主导,由各省市商务厅及各省市的货代协会经过层层筛选,并最终确定的 “国际货运代行业重点联系企业” 的货代公司,可以说是国际货代业最优秀最杰出的企业代表,而由政府和行业协会双重背书的这个“重点”头衔,对入选企业来说,也是实至名归。 […]


据悉,近期有船挂靠阿尔及利亚港口卸货,仅仅因为并不严重的货损,接连遭遇数百万美金的巨额索赔、扣船并被索要银行保函,值得有货物发往该港口的朋友提高警惕。 […]


巴西蔚蓝航空,简称AZUL。该航空公司是成立于2008年5月5日,总部设在巴鲁艾利,被评为巴西国内航空市场的第三大航空公司。经过6年的发展,巴西蔚蓝航空(Azul)已成长为巴西第三大航空公司,占有巴西市场25%的收益份额,仅次于塔姆航空和戈尔航空。 […]


南美洲(South America)是南亚美利加洲的简称,位于西半球、南半球。东临大西洋,西临太平洋,北临加勒比海。北部和北美洲以巴拿马运河为界,南部和南极洲隔德雷克海峡相望。 南美洲是第四大的大洲,陆地面积刚刚超过1780万平方千米。其航线网络覆盖面积广,航空公司众多,有美国航空、加拿大航空、泛加勒比航空等等。今天,我们来聊一聊泛加勒比航空公司。 […]

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