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About UNI Logistics Inc.

UNI Logistics Inc. a fully owned subsidiary of Globelink China Logistics Corp., UNI Logistics Inc. sets up more than 20 branch offices in China, with framework covering railway, highway network station, international airport and major coastal ports all over China, and thus forms a comprehensive Shanghai-centered sea-air-land transportation service network basing on Dalian, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong etc.

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Air Block Space Agreement

With 20 years international air experience, we act as key sales agents for CZ/RU/AA/TK/EK/6R/CM/TP/OK etc.

International Ocean

Relying on years of partnership with various major shipping lines, UNI is able to provide competitive rates to our clients as well as better space control during peak season.

Air Chartering

UNI's charter services are ideal for overcoming capacity shortfalls, or shipping to remote destinations.

Import Service

With the continuous growth of the quantity and value of imports in China, we provide fully-integrated Door to Door service for customers through integrating overseas network resources, trade agency qualifications, bonded warehousing and domestic logistics distribution.

Multi-Modal Transportation

With 15 years’ experience and the comprehensive agents’ network in Central Asia, Mongolia, Russia, Europe, UNI is offering the multi-modal transportation service from China or via China to these countries.

Supply Chain Logistics

UNI develop to the supply chain service provider by combining the business flow, logistics flow, capital flow and information flow, and gradually improving the group’s information, intensive, integration and intelligence. 

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2018年9月28日-9月29日,由厦门华商经纬物流有限公司主办的第六届HTFN亚太地区会议在厦门隆重开幕。会议吸引了来自亚太和欧美地区20余名物流界专家学者踊跃报名参加。 […]


序言9月5日,厦门联合物流有限公司助理总经理刘艳艳、海外发展部洋裕一部副经理杨兴华一同接待了来自新加坡的核心合作伙伴Luc Choo和Boyce Le。 […]


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